Window Patching Machine – HWP 1000BF / 1000DBF -Haartman

Window Patching Machine – HWP 1000BF / 1000DBF -Haartman

Innovative technology combined with proven engineering offers the best in productivity and efficiency. Low investment costs and high processing performance guarantee future success. These principles guide the design of our window patching machines. Automatic window patching process of carton feed, gluing, film cutting, slitting and affixing, and delivery for various kinds of die cut cartons, which is suitable for patching “windows” on “look through” boxes like cosmetic box, gift box, liquor box, tissue box, etc.

Specifications: HWP 1000BF HWP 1000DBF
Blank Length : 100 – 710mm 100 – 710mm
Blank Width : 80 – 1000mm 80 – 480mm
Film Length : 50 – 520mm 50 – 520mm
Film Width : 30 – 840mm 30 – 400mm
Film Thickness : 0.03 – 0.20mm
Feed Material :

Cardboard, Eflute Corrugated Cardboard

Speed : Length over than 330mm 150 sheets/min 300 sheets/min
Speed : Length less than 330mm 300 sheets/min 600 sheets/min
Main Motor : 2.2KW
Glue Wheel Motor : 40W
High Speed Blower [ A ] : 3.7KW
Air Compressor 0.75KW
High Speed Blower [ B ] : 2.6KW
Total Power Required : 9.29KW
Overall Dimensions: l x b x h 5400 x 3110 x 2200 mm


  • The paper step-feed mechanism is available, which cooperates with the conveyor belt of high friction coefficient to ensure exact paper feeding at a high speed. The Paper is fed by the chain systempush mode so that the paper can be orientated accurately.

    A detection system of electronic tracking and the control system for single or double sheet is suitable to various size papers. With high-pressure blowers with dual motors, which blows strongly through the pair of pipes increase the efficiency of the machine and production. Cutting length may be adjusted randomly due to application of a Continuously Variable Transmission imported from Germany.

    The mechanism for films dividing and holes opening can prepare and adjust the film opening position wherever you want. The conveyor belts deliver papers in stack-press way, therefore films may keep close to each other efficiently.
Window Patching Machine – HWP 1000BF / 1000DBF -Haartman