Corner Taping Machine

Corner Taping Machine


The 4 Corner taping machine adopts PLC control user friendly HMI. Automatic feeding cardboard, Max. stacking height 1000mm. In order to improve working speed, cardboard table adopt on-line feeding. Easy to change mold, suitable for different sizes of products. the hot-melting glued tape outo conveying, cutting and four-angle sticking, forming the box in one process. the auto alaram when the tape run out.


The Manual single head taping machine consists of Motorized single arm pressing device equipped with temperature controller. The product is done by Turning over the box by hand, workable for varied kinds of boxes. Environmental hot-melt tape is used to paste corner.


Max. Box Size: 500mm [L] x 400mm [W] x 130mm [H] 10 – 300mm [height of the box]
Min. Box Size: 80mm [L] x 80mm [W] x 10mm [H] 40mm [L] x 40mm [W]
Power: 1.8KW / 380V Heater / Motor:2.4KW / 380V 0.37KW / 220V
Production Speed: 30-35 Sheets / min 20-25 Sheets / min
Air Pressure: 0.4 – 0.6mpa N/A
Size: 1930 x 940 x 1890mm 800 x 500 x 1400mm
Weight: 2200Kg 150Kg
Corner Taping Machine