Semi-Automatic Thermal/Hot Lamination

Semi-Automatic Thermal/Hot Lamination

LST series automatic thermal lamination machine is designed for laminating all sorts of sheets used in commercial printing presses. This machine
composes of IR heating system with hydraulic pressure system and manual pressure system where as all the high speed machine comprises of hydraulic
pressure system. The Harry wheel cut o system ensures a quality cutting of the sheets . Its easy to operate with automatic temperature control. In
LST series the DS stands for both side lamination and SS stands for single side lamination where as the LSTA is equipped with Auto-cutoff system and
auto hydraulic system. All the machines are equipped with frequency controller for variable speed with the perforation wheel to support in cutting of
the sheets.






Max Sheet Size:

800 x 1040mm

9200 x 1040mm

Laminating Temperature:

60 – 130 degree

60 – 130 degree

Circumference / Dia:

68cm / 21.6cm

P24.5cm / S32cm

Paper Thickness:

125 – 500g/m2

125 – 500g/m2

Maximum Laminating Speed:







1900 x 1500 x 1600mm

4000 x 1850 x 1650mm


6 KW [step up] 3 KW

17 KW [step up] 10.25 KW


  •  High intensity due to one piece casting by using top quality material for the machine body.
  •  Easily operated by switch. Can be operated by sitting or standing.
  •  Horizontal paper insertion guarantees punching accuracy on large formats..
  •  The electrical system is designed in accordance with IEC standard.
  •  The safety system is reliable..
Semi-Automatic Thermal/Hot Lamination