Diamond Cut Paper Cutting Machine DC.

Diamond Cut Paper Cutting Machine DC.

He who wants to produce in large format, needs smooth machines of highest precision. With more than 2 decades of experience in the manufacturing of high – quality paper cutters Diamond Cut provides a long and trouble-free run, even in non-stop production conditions. With this compact design Diamond Cut realizes large format processing on small space.

These high-speed cutters can take a lot of abuse, because Diamond Cut equipments live longer. The S-Line are based on a solid cast iron frame. And you’ll benefit from mechanical / hydraulic drive that had proven over many years. The position of flywheel and motor gives the machine an excellent weight distribution. The pneumatic clutch guarantees an excellent overload protection.

Functions Description of Programmable Paper Cutting Machine, Dual Hydraulic Type
1. Addition and subtraction functions;
2. Isometric cutting and isotonic division functions;

3. Delete function;
4. Full automatic cutting and Semi automatic cutting function;
5. Program writing function;


78 Inch/cm 80.7 / 205 80.3 / 204 30 / 78 35 / 90 60 / 152 19 / 46 23 / 60
92 Inch/cm 89.8 / 228 85.8 / 218 36 / 92 35 / 90 60 / 152 22 / 56 23 / 60
115 Inch/cm 102 / 259 117.3 / 298 45 / 115 35 / 90 66 / 167 29 / 75 39 / 100
130 Inch/cm 105.5 / 268 110 / 280 51 / 130 35 / 90 66 / 167 29 / 75 39 / 100
130 Inch/cm 113 / 287 126 / 320 54 / 137 35 / 90 66 / 167 29 / 75 39 / 100


Max. Cutting Width: 1370mm 1300mm 1150mm 920mm 780mm
Max. Cutting Length: 1450mm 1300mm 1150mm 920mm 780mm
Max. Cutting Height: 165mm 165mm 165mm 120mm 120mm
Front Table Length: 730mm 730mm 730mm 612mm 697mm
Max. Clamp Pressure: 45000N 45000N 45000N 35000N 35000N
Cutting Speed[Times/min]: 43 43 43 42 42
Power of Main Motor: 4KW 4KW 4KW 3KW 3K
Weight: 5000Kg 4800Kg 4200Kg 3000Kg 2500Kg
  • 1. Our programmable paper cutting machine adopts advanced computer control system, 10.4″ or 8″ color LCD and servo motor. It has multination language choice.

    2. The data resolution is less than 0.01mm. The location precision is less than 0.01mm. The maximum back gauge speed is 12m/min.

    3. Our paper cutting machine can store 50 cutting program blocks. From 1st to 10th, every program can store 99 cutting sizes. From 11th to 50th, every program can store 50 cutting sizes. The longest storage time is 30 years.

    4. The backgauge mechanism adopts high stiffness double linear guides (except 78 size machine) and high precision gapless lead screw to ensure back gauge accuracy.

    5. Our programmable paper cutting machine adopts double hydraulic system which is composed of two hydraulic circuits. When press the foot pedal, the hydraulic oil goes through the primary hydraulic circuit made up of reducing valve and spillover valve, and gives the cutting paper micro pressure. The pressure is only several kilograms and can’t hurt operator’s hands. At the time of cutting paper, put thousands of kilograms of high pressure to ensure the cutting quality and safe operation.

    6. Chrome-plated for main worktable and side tables, and has the device of air cushion, which is convenient for back gauge running.

    7. Our paper cutting machine is of high safety. It adopts inside electronic knife locker, which can effectively avoid knife-sliding and ensure the safety of operators. It has infrared photoelectric protection, main motor overloading protection safety device for cutting, and buttons by two hands safety devices.

    8. The large components adopt HT250 cast iron and has accepted vibration stress relief, so they won’t deform after been used for long time.

    9. Our programmable paper cutting machine adopts Japan NSK bearing of low maintenance, Taiwan TECO servo motor, and German DICHROMATIC hydraulic elements. Main electronic units are from French TE and Japanese OMRON brands.

    10. This paper cutting machine has mechanical assistance device for knife replacement, illuminated working surface/optical cutting line indicator and a tool box with tools, operating instruction, computer manual and spare parts list. It has total 2 knives.
Diamond Cut Paper Cutting Machine DC.