Lamitac LGLA-1100 Automatic Glue Lamination + LGC 1100 Cut-Off

Lamitac LGLA-1100 Automatic Glue Lamination + LGC 1100 Cut-Off

LGLA – Automatic Glue Lamination Machine Lamitac Water soluble lamination machine is one of the advanced technology taken from ENGLAND. Its been carefully researched and developed keeping in mind our clients requirements. It uses the BOPP film and PET film to laminate on any printed matter. The main machine adopts the import converter has a step-less speed, with automatic paper checking system, auto glue filling system and its consists of two Infra-red heaters in order to increase the production. It can be widely used for wall calendar, brochures, printed box and lots of various items related to the Printing Industry. All the machines are assisted with perforation in order to cut the laminated sheets.

Other Parts:-

Max Sheet Size: 1040 x 780mm
Min Sheet  Size: 350 x 400mm
Paper Thickness: 80 – 400 g/m2
Maximum Laminating Speed: 0 – 60 meters/min
Power: 8 KW
Weight: 2000Kg
Dimensions: 3800 x 1750 x 1700mm



Technical Parameters:

1. Apply Japanese Panasonic frequency converter that can be adjust steadily and has no trouble.

2. Adopt imported infrared ray solidification light that is durable and works steadily.

3. Adopt immersed glue method that is easy to operate and uniformly glue with less glue.

4. Use two groups of rollers to press tit, so product quality is steady and reliable.

5. High-accuracy paper punching device improves production efficiency effectively.

6. Speed display, shutdown protection in case of lacking paper, and automatic glue-supply system.

Lamitac LGLA-1100 Automatic Glue Lamination + LGC 1100 Cut-Off