Exposer Machine SX-1012S

Exposer Machine SX-1012S

Vacuum printing plate exposure machine is used in the printing down in circuit board
printing and screen printing. It adopts Iodine gallium light ultraviolet spectrum featuring
high permeability, fast printing-down speed, high copy quality and even lattice point
layout. The operation of the exposure machine is automatically controlled by
micro-computer. It also adopts instant-start device, automatic timing device, and digital
display. The original plate and sensitive plate are clung together closely with vacuum
negative pressure, even and reliable.



Maximum Printing-down area


Evacuation rate

1 L/s

Vacuum degree

0 ~ 0.08 MPQ

Light source

Half power 0.5 ~ 1 Kw; full power 3 ~ 4 Kw



Overall dimension

1400 x 1200 x 1100mm

Exposer Machine SX-1012S