DAI’KE Automatic Case Make CM-800

DAI’KE Automatic Case Make CM-800

The CaseMaker 800/1000 allows you to produce individual personalized hard covers. It wraps individual  personalized print around the pre-assembled system and produces unique hard covers in a fast, easy and affordable way.


  • Produces individual personalized hard covers at a speed up to 300 covers per hour.
  • The machine can be handled by a minimal skilled operator. The only preparation needed is filling of the trays with the different base materials ( Greyboard / Printed cover materials / CaseMirror) and setting the desired format on the touch screen. The machine runs fully automatic; with manual side folding and end folding adjustment with nipping!
  • Peak-requirements at high-season periods can easily be met, because specific skills required of the operator.
  • Completely dry concept no need to handle liquid chemicals or glues. This avoids extra labour time for cleaning, daily maintenance, safety compliances anc other using animal glue which can be easily cleaned by warm water. Environment friendly: our hard covers are FSC certified.
  • Minimum set-up and change-over times.
  • The Daike Case Maker is adaptable to produce covers of different sizes. Sizes range from a minimum size of 210mm x140mm landscape and portrait to a maximum size of 830mm x 460mm for the model DAIKE CM 800.
  • With a minimum Spine sizes up to 8mm.

Other Parts:-


  • # Accurate locator – ensures perfect registration every time.
    # Low profile chamfer – board flows freely over the conveyor; board marking is reduced
    # Extremely durable.
    # This machine adopts a push-back paper feeding structure with full pneumatic control.
    # This makes it easy to operate and efficient.
    # The width between the stacker and feeding table is adjusted through the centre. It is simple in operation does not make errors.
    # Rubber is fitted with a newly designed brass scraper to effectively prevent paper from winding and ensure normal machine operation .
    # Imported ultrasonic double sheet detector is used to prevent double sheet feeding. It is easy to operate.
    # Cardboard feeding table is controlled by linear rails and actuating motor. Positioning is fast and accurate.
    # Cardboard feeding table is equipped with an automatic machine-stop device to reduce the rejection rate of products.
    # High power suction fan is fitted under the conveyer belt to facilitate stable and accurate paper conveying.
    # Conveyer positioning system uses an imported high precision photocell control device to ensure precise paper and cardboard positioning.
    # Postpositional automatic four-side folding machine has an automatic angle-repair and edge-repair function. This increases the qualification rate of finished products. .
    # The entire machine is controlled by PLC. Machine faults are displayed at the computer touch screen, for easy and convenient debugging.
DAI’KE Automatic Case Make CM-800