Hot Stamping Foils.

Hot Stamping Foils.

General information of Hot stamping foils

what is stamping foils?

It is very thin film (12u normal) coated of metal, pigment and dye.
The coating layer is transferred on object surface by pressure and heat.
Basic structure : It is made of 4 layers.

a) release
b) coloring
c) vacuum metalizing
d) adhesive coating

Characteristics of hot stamping foils:

a) It’s very clean and no smell of solvent.
b) Storage temperature : -10  ~ 36 Degree Celsius
c) Humidity : 30 ~ 70%
d) Keep it away from heat and radiation

Kind of stamping foils:

Metalized, Pigment, Hologram, Pearl, chrome and special function foils


Products types

Proper parameter



Foil for paper


Works on all kinds of paper. Like paper boxes, greeting cards, labels, printing paper, etc.


Foil for plastic (Glazed paper, OPP film, inked paper, soft or hard plastic, PP, PVC, PET etc.)


Works on big, medium, small area, plate or roll printing. widely used in plastic, glazed paper, UV inked paper, book covers etc.


Foil for textile


Works on glue applied textile, like fabric, cloth, T-shirt and so on, with clear sharp images and good wash ability.


Laser/holographic foil (without gap / seam line) for paper and plastic


Widely used in wine boxes, cosmetic boxes, wedding cards, book covers, packaging, cigarette boxes, gift packing, and lamination film and so on.


Pearl foil


Works on all kinds of up – market greeting cards, packing paper, boxes, logos etc.



Cold foil for plasti


Works on plastic materials like PE, PP, PVC, UV solidified of the paper without absorbency, etc. With great transferability and clear edges.

Cold foil for paper


Works on UV solidified on the surface of the coated paper, white cardboard paper. With good transferability, clear edges and over-printed function.


Over-printed foil


Works on the coated paper, OPP film, UV inked paper, PVC, ABS etc., which need print or glaze after hot stamping.


Pigment foil


Works on cables, artificial leathers and coated pencils like pen cores.


Foil without glue


Works on flocked cloth, lint cloth with glue, silk goods, using plate or roll printing without application of any glue or binder.


Foil for artificial leather, leather


(1) Works on PU, PVC artificial leather or leather.
(2) Works on PVC table cloth, with a strong adhesive power, great tenacity and ductility.
Standard Specification: 0.64m*120m*12mic 1.28m*180m*12mic
Note: If your order is large, please test before using, and colors, specifications can be satisfied.