Diamond Cut Paper Jogger & Paper Lift.

Diamond Cut Paper Jogger & Paper Lift.

The Paper jogger is necessary mechanical equipment in automatic cutting lines. It can be used together with paper cutter or other auxiliary machines such as stack lift, loading system, unloading system, air cushion table and pallet to constitute various cutting lines.
Our stack jogger has the functions of jogging and aligning paper, driving air and arranging thick paper stack or other materials similar to paper surface to make semi-finished product after printed fit the demand of cutting operation. So this machine is specialized and ideal for trimming paper before cutting.

Paper Lift SPL-1360

The Paper lift is auxiliary equipment for paper cutting machine. It can match with the paper cutting machine or other auxiliary cutting equipments such as jogging machine, paper feeder, paper un-loader, air table, lift table to build a production line fit to various cutting technical flow.










Max. Length of Worktable(L):




Max. length of Pallet(L):




Max. Width of Worktable(W):




Max. width of Pallet(W):




Max. Height of Paper Stack:




Max. Height of Platform:




Max. Jogging Power:




Max. Loading Capacity:




Over All Dimension:


1555 x 1160 x 1745mm


Over All Dimension:


1830 x 1500 x 1450mm


Max. Jogging Torque:



  • 1. Our Paper lift is controlled by infrared photoelectric switch and driven by hydraulic system, which can make the paper pile to keep on the prepared height position automatically so that the paper can be loaded or unloaded conveniently.

  • 2. By using the Paper lift, the heavy workload of carrying the paper up and down manually will be solved. The Paper lift can also improve cutting efficiency and help the paper cutting machine to work well.

  • 3. The machine is equipped with rolling wheels and fixing screws, which ensures that the machine not only can be moved freely but also can always be fixed on a certain position.
Diamond Cut Paper Jogger & Paper Lift.