Corrugated Sheets

Corrugated Sheets

Boxes are made from a paper called Corrugated Board. This board consists of corrugated flutes covered on both ends by flat layers of cardboard forming sheets.

The flutes are alphabetically categorized according to the height of the corrugated flutes or ‘waves’ and are therefore known as A-Flute, B-Flute, C-Flute etc. Below is an image depicting the different flute types.

Paper Quality

Most boxes are made from semi-recycled paper called T/T (Test / Test) suitable for the everyday use such as moving, storage, general shipping etc.

Board Thickness

The two most commonly known types used are Single Wall Board and Double Wall Board. Single Wall Board consists of only one row of corrugated flutes whereas Double Wall Board consists of two, providing extra strength for heavier and more delicate objects.


Length x width x height

The size corresponds to the inner dimensions of the box and is therefore able to fit an item corresponding to the size inside the box.

Corrugated Sheets