BLSA Laminator 1100 /1300 / 1450 / 1600 Lamitac Lamination Systems.

BLSA Laminator 1100 /1300 / 1450 / 1600 Lamitac Lamination Systems.

BLSA Series Flute Laminating Machine is used to paste the color-printing surface paper together with the bottom paper (cardboard corrugated sheet) accurately. The pasted paper is smooth, stiff and with high precision .This machine is easy to operate, which is an ideal necessary equipment for high-grade color -printing packing manufacturers. Lamitac series machines have been acceptable for the customers from home and abroad due to their outstanding features, high quality and good service.

Other Parts:


No Code Name Model Specification Qty Manufacturer Remarks
1   Main motor AEAFAC-F 3.7KW 1 TECO For 1300,1450
5.5KW For BLSA1600
2   Blower motor RB-033 2.2KW 1 CHUAN FAN  
3   Lifting Motor ETVFDFQ 1.5KW 1 TECO  
4   Glue pump motor Y801-4 0.55KW 1 WEIHAI HENGDA  
5   Air pump motor Y100L1-4 2.2KW 1 HAIGUANG  
6   Gear reducer motor for conveyor E400-100S 0.4KW 1 CHENGGANG  
7 KMO AC contactor LC1-D4010N 40A 220VAC 1 SCHNEIDER  
8 KM1.5 AC contactor LC1-D1810N 18A AC220V 2 SCHNEIDER  
9 KM2.3.4.KA0 AC contactor LC1-D0910N 9A AC220V 4 SCHNEIDER  
10   Assistant contact LA1-DN11N 1NO+1NC 5A 3 SCHNEIDER  
11 KM6.7 AC contactor LC2-D1201 12A AC220V Combination 1 SCHNEIDER  
12 VC Switching power supply S-60-24 AC220V 1 MEAN WELL  
13 SSR1 Solid state relay ASR-40DA 40A AC24-380V 1 ANLY  
14 SSR2 Solid state relay ASR-25DA 25A AC24-380V 1 ANLY  
15 QS0 Three-phase low-voltage breaker EA53C 40A 1 FUJI  
16 SL Liquid relay A61F-G AC220V 1 ANLY  
17 ST1.2.3.4. Limit switch TZ-8166 5A AC220V 4 TEND  
18 ST5 Limit switch TZ-8108 5A AC220V 1 TEND  
19 SQ1,2 Photoelectric switch CDR-10X DC 10-30V 2 FOTEK  
20 SQ3.4.5.6. Proximity switch PM12-04N DC 10-30V 4 FOTEK  
21 SQ7 Proximity switch TL-Q5MC1 DC 10-30V 1 OMRON ( for feeder)
22 CT1 Counter TCN-P61B AC 220V 1 TOKY  
23 CT2 Counter ASK-2D AC250V 1 ANLY  
24 HA Bell HRB-P80 AC220V 1 NANZHOU  
25 KA1-7 Intermediate relay RXM2AB2BD DC24V 2S 7 SCHNEIDER  
26 ZJ1-9 Intermediate relay RXM2AB2P7 AC220V 2S 9 SCHNEIDER  
27 RJ Thermal protector LR2-D1314N 7-10A 1 SCHNEIDER  
28 RJ Thermal protector LR2-D1307N 1.6-2.5A 1 SCHNEIDER  
29 RJ Thermal protector LR2-D1310N 4-6A 2 SCHNEIDER  
30 RJ Thermal protector LR2-D1310N 9-13A 1 SCHNEIDER For 1600
31 RJ Thermal protector LR2-D1308N 2.5-4A 1 SCHNEIDER  
33 JBK Transformer JBK3-630VA 380V/220V530W 28V100W 1 BEIJING MACHINE TOOL  
34   Terminal TBR-10A 10A 126 NDC  
35   Rectifier KBPC-1010 AC28V-DC10A 3    
36 SJ1 Time relay AH3  30S AC220V 1 ANLY TAIWAN  
37 SJ2 Time relay AH3  6S AC220V 1 ANLY TAIWAN  
38 SJ3 Time relay AH2  1S AC220V 1 ANLY TAIWAN  
39 FU Fuse (with stand) RT18-32 10A 6 MINGRONG  
40 VR2 Variable resistor RV24YN20S B103 1K 1 COSMOS JAPAN  
41   Limit switch for feeder TZ8122 250V DC 5A 1 TEND,TAIWAN  
42 SA0 Red button with lamp ZB2BW34MIC 1NO 1 SCHNEIDER Used for main switch
43   Yellow button ZB2BA5C 1NO 1 SCHNEIDER Used for clear
44   Green button with lamp ZB2BW33C 1NO 7 SCHNEIDER  Used for laminator, conveyor, vacuum pump, clutch, Glue pump, bottom sheet blower, fix on
45   Red button ZB2BA4C 1NC 7 SCHNEIDER used for laminator, clutch, compressor, vacuum pump, glue pump, bottom sheet blower
46 SB00-03 Emergency stop button ZB2BS54C 1NC 4 SCHNEIDER used for clutch stop
47   Red button ZB2BA4C 2NC 1 SCHNEIDER Used for fix off
48   Two-position selector switch ZB2BD2C 2NO 1 SCHNEIDER used for power supply
49   Two-position selector switch ZB2BD2C 1NC+1NO 1 SCHNEIDER used for option of manual and auto mode
50   Two-position selector switch ZB2BD2C 1NC+2NO 1 SCHNEIDER used for fix and sensor selection
51   Green button ZB2BA3C 1NO 2 SCHNEIDER used for vacuum pump and clutch
52   Three-position selector switch ZB2BD3C 2NC+2NO 1 SCHNEIDER used for manual, inch and auto selection
53   Green button ZB2BA3C 2NC+2NO 1 SCHNEIDER used for lowering
54   Green button ZB2BA3C 1NC+2NO 1 SCHNEIDER used for hoisting
55   Button box BX3-22   1   Used for conveyor
56   Button box BX1-22   2   Use for emergency stop
57   Daylight lamp   25W 1    
58   Connector SV4-4+ 4 10 KT  
59   Connector SV2-3 2.5 60 KT  
60   Connector SV1.25-3 1.5 80 KT  
61   Connector E7508 4 60 KT  
62   Connector E2508 1.5 80 KT  
63   Connector E1508 0.75 260 KT  




MODEL BLSA-1100 BLSA-1300 BLSA-1450 BLSA- 1600
Max Paper Size ( L x w ) 1100 x 1100mm 1300 x 1100mm 1450 x 1100mm 1600 x 1400mm
Min Paper Size ( L x w ) 350 x 350mm 350 x 350mm 350 x 350mm 450 x 450mm
Laminating Precision ≤±1.5 ≤±1.5 ≤±1.5 ≤±1.5
Speed 100 sheets / min 100 sheets / min 100 sheets / min 100 sheets / min
Total Power 12 KW 12 KW 12 KW 12 KW
Overall Dimensions 11500 x 2300 x 2700mm 12500 x 2300 x 2700mm 12500 x 2300 x 2700mm 15000 x 2300 x 2700mm

• production up to 6,000 sheets per hour
• short make ready times (set-up)
• little maintenance requirement
• just a very few wearing parts
• easy machine operation
• high reliability and availability of the machine
• reliable sheet mounting registration system
• minimum glue application, for producing flat sheets
• simple and fast wash-up of the glue rollers – using tools
• equipped a well proved suction belt feeder for carrier sheets
• fully developed turning and conveyor system, non-stop type for just mounting a few samples

  • 1) BLSA Series Automatic Flute Laminator / Litho Laminator adopts chain pusher and back registration system together with spring blade sidelay and vacuum sucking conveying system which makes this series of machine fit for a larger range of paper, high precision with the features of easy operation and maintenance.
  • 2) The core designed rubber roller together with high grade steel roller enhances the evenness of gluing, strength of stickiness, thus briinging down the cost of production.
  • 3) Balance-tested rollers, tight assembling technique, plus timing and tooth belt driving mechanic system makes the machine runs at low noise with high precision.
  • 4) The machine adopts automatic glue supply and recyclable glue circulating system.
  • 5) Self-developed high-strength feeder compliant with high configuration electric system makes the machine run at low malfunction and stable mode. The electric parts used are all world wide available brand or well-known Chinese brand.
  • 6) All material bought from outside are inspected according to ISO-9001 standard and the key parts such as the harmonic gear and bearings are imported ones.
  • 7) The bottom sheet for this machine can be A, B, C, D, E, F flute corrugated sheet. It can do 3 or 5 ply board to sheet lamination or board to board lamination. The range for top paper can be 200-600 GSM with top paper advance or alignment function.
  • 8) Less vibration and low noise.
  • 9) CE certificate available.
  • 10) Gluing even: 30-50gsm. Quite cost effective for your production.
  • 11) Side lay registration is installed on the machine.
  • 12) The belt of the conveyor is SIGLING, the vacuum feeding belt is Nita, The timing belt is GEIZE; The bearings in Key parts are UBC or IKO.
BLSA Laminator 1100 /1300 / 1450 / 1600 Lamitac Lamination Systems.