800 S UV Dryer

800 S UV Dryer

UV – 800S machine has two groups of UV lights and they are controlled respectively. User can decide how many lights he need to open according the characteristics of different printing media and link. We equip our product with aluminum magnesium alloy housing which can focus the UV rays efficiently. The convey belt of this photofixation machine is Teflon treated and can be high temperature and wear resistant. Besides, user can adjust the running speed of convey belt step less. In order to prevent the printing media from being distorted by the simulated heat in the work cavity of our UV dryer, we add bi-level cooling system to our product.

SG – Squeegee Grinder 

Automatic squeegee grinder adopts clamping device with cassette lock design, able to adjust deformation scraping, ensuring the grinding quality and efficiency. The carborundum wheel is highly resistant to wear. It is combined with high-precision straight clip to avoid the deformation and undulating of grinded material. The grinding wheel can runs in positive and negative direction, and can be micro-adjusted with micrometer.

The quick fixture of the scraper and Muller machine is easy to mount and dismount. The  angle of knife board can be adjusted in the range of 0-+45 degree to offers different knife edges for various special printings. The clip suction device effectively prevents the scraped chips from splashing. The imported liner guide  rail makes the horizontal guiding of the grinding precise and smooth.


NP-300 pneumatic net puller conducts net pulling under electrical control to ensure high pulling tension. The net clamping is swift and firm, thus avoiding damage of net yarns. The chuck is fixed by double clamp. The synchronous net puling from the two sides generates an even tension distribution. The breadth of the net can be adjusted arbitrarily and the adjustment is completed within a short moving period smooth.




Constant Temp. Area width / length: 800/ 1000 mm
Delivery Speed: 0-35 m/min
UV Power: Room Temp. /150(250)
Exhauster Power: 5.6KW x 2
Fan Power: 220V
DC Motor Power: 375W
Over Dimension: 2.2 x 1.05 x 1.2m
Weight: 550 Kg

Max. grinding length: 1200MM
Power: 3P 380V 1.41KW
Weight: 290KG
Overall Size: 1725 x 550 x 1250mm

Technical Specifications: NP-300
Working Air Pressure: 0.3-0.6mpa
Dimension of Air Cylinder: 50x70L
Size of Pulling Chuck: 300mm
800 S UV Dryer