Skreen Semi Auto-Spot UV machine SK-500 / 700

Skreen Semi Auto-Spot UV machine SK-500 / 700

The machine is composed of printing part, take-off set machine and UV dryer. The Semi-automatic line which the printed paper is fed by hand, taken off automatically. After the printing is finished and the printing arm put up, the mechanism arm of take off set machine will extend into between the arm and the plane, suck and pull out the printed paper, then send it to next working procedure (Drying, solidify or collection). It not only saves time, but also improves the using efficiency of the machine instead of manual process. It’s fit for the flexible material, such as paper product.

Max Printing Dimension mm 500 x 700mm
Min Screen Dimension mm 800 x 1080mm
Table Dimension mm 600 x 900mm
Max. Printing Speed (times / hr) 1200
Over Print Precision mm <+-0.10
Paper Thickness mm ~40
Instant Snap-off Height mm 0 ~ 20
Power 380V 2.45KW [ 15KW ]
Total Weight 600Kg
Over all Dimensions: mm 1500 x 1080 x 1700

Screen printing Unit :
The machine is designed for aiming at the hard distortion printing product, the printing scope is very widely and can be used for screen printing of many plane bodies, such as paper, plastic, glass, ceramics, metal, textile and leather etc, especially for the printing of electronic field PCB, soft PCB, PCB liquid state sensitization glue, SMT tin cream. 

Take off Part :

Automatic take-off set of semi-automatic screen printing press are used together, the finished products are caught up and taken out from the printing plate by manipulator and suction mouth, and delivery to next process (drying or solidifying or collecting). It can not only save the manpower, but also improve the using efficiency of the semi-automatic machine. Width of the machine is 700mm which consists of suction mouth from 950~1000mm with a nominal weight of 350Kg and Dimensions as : 2100 x 1100 x 1100mm.

UV Dryer:

UV Dryer is used with the screen printing machine and the offset printing machine, curing any kind of screen printing ink. It’s used in the process of drying, dehumidifying and solidifying for the field of screen printing, printing and dyeing, plating, electron plug board and etc. Width of the machine is 800mm which consists of 2 UV Lamps each with a power of 5.6Kw X 2 with a nominal weight of 550Kg and Dimensions as : 2100 x 1050 x 1200mm.

Skreen Semi Auto-Spot UV machine SK-500 / 700